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BlueSpice\ISetting Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getVariableName ()
 getPaths ()
 getHtmlFormField ()
 getLabelMessageKey ()

Public Attributes

const MAIN_PATH_TYPE = 'type'
const MAIN_PATH_EXTENSION = 'extension'
const MAIN_PATH_PACKAGE = 'package'
const TYPE_SYSTEM = 'system'
const TYPE_INTERFACE = 'interface'
const TYPE_EDIT = 'edit'
const TYPE_SEARCH = 'search'

Member Function Documentation

BlueSpice\ISetting::getHtmlFormField ( )
BlueSpice\ISetting::getPaths ( )
array An array of paths that define where to provide an input field within the settings UI. E.g. [ 'type/interface', 'extension/<extensionX>', 'package/<packageX>' ] ATTENTION: Path elements need a message key to be available following the pattern 'bs-setting-path-<elementName>'. E. g. 'bs-setting-path-<extensionX>'

Implemented in BlueSpice\ConfigDefinition.

BlueSpice\ISetting::getVariableName ( )
string The variable name like it would be in 'LocalSettings.php'. E.g. 'wgLogo' or 'bsgPingInterval'

Implemented in BlueSpice\ConfigDefinition, BlueSpice\ConfigDefinition\Favicon, and BlueSpice\ConfigDefinition\Logo.

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