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MediaWiki\Services\DestructibleService Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for MediaWiki\Services\DestructibleService:

Public Member Functions

 destroy ()

Detailed Description

DestructibleService defines a standard interface for shutting down a service instance. The intended use is for a service container to be able to shut down services that should no longer be used, and allow such services to release any system resources.

There is no expectation that services will be destroyed when the process (or web request) terminates.

Member Function Documentation

MediaWiki\Services\DestructibleService::destroy ( )

Notifies the service object that it should expect to no longer be used, and should release any system resources it may own. The behavior of all service methods becomes undefined after destroy() has been called. It is recommended that implementing classes should throw an exception when service methods are accessed after destroy() has been called.

Implemented in MediaWiki\Services\ServiceContainer.

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