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Release Notes

Bootstrap 1.2.3

Released on 30-Nov-2017


  • Use correct local base path when is $wgScriptPath empty, i.e. when MW is installed at the root level of the domain.

Bootstrap 1.2.2

Released on 26-Nov-2017


Bootstrap 1.2.1

Released on 06-Mar-2017


  • Correct version number reported on Special:Version

Bootstrap 1.2

Released on 05-Mar-2017


  • Do not use oyejorge/less.php, it's incompatible with PHP 5.3

Other changes:

  • Change required package: twitter/bootstrap -> twbs/bootstrap

Bootstrap 1.1.5

Released on 27-Jan-2016


  • Use standard MW config vars to find the twitter/bootstrap directory

Bootstrap 1.1.4

Released on 15-Jan-2016


  • Fix missing position for Bootstrap Styles Resource Loader module
  • Switch less compiler to the one MW core uses

Bootstrap 1.1.3

Released on 03-Mar-2015


  • Fix error: Cannot use object of type Closure as array in SetupAfterCache.php

Bootstrap 1.1.2

Released on 02-Dec-2014


  • Fix removing of Less compiler class from autoloader

Bootstrap 1.1.1

Released on 01-Dec-2014


  • Fix removing of lessc compiler class from autoloader: This led to a server error on MW from 1.25 onwards when it was trying to compile one of its own less files.

Bootstrap 1.1

Released on 22-Nov-2014

New features:

  • Ability to monitor multiple files for cache invalidation of styles
  • In addition to LocalSettings.php also monitor composer.lock: This will invalidate styles on every composer update
  • Use relative paths to enable installation of the extension in other directories then the standard .../extensions

Other changes:

  • Improve documentation

Bootstrap 1.0.1

Released on 16-Sep-2014


  • Fix autoloading so MW core can load it's own Less compiler

Other changes:

  • Switch less compiler vendor and raise minimum required Less compiler version

Bootstrap 1.0

Released on 15-Aug-2014

Complete rework of extension


  • Switch to a standard-compliant Less compiler
  • Introduce Composer installation
  • Improve error handling of the caching mechanism
  • Add tests

Bootstrap 0.1

Released on 13-Oct-13

First working version

  • loads the Bootstrap 3 framework
  • caching of styles per user
  • basic error handling