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WANObjectCacheReaper Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (WANObjectCache $cache, BagOStuff $store, callable $logCallback, callable $keyCallback, array $params)
 setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
 invoke ($n=100)
 getState ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Class for scanning through chronological, log-structured data or change logs and locally purging cache keys related to entities that appear in this data.

This is useful for repairing cache when purges are missed by using a reliable stream, such as Kafka or a replicated MySQL table. Purge loss between datacenters is expected to be more common than within them.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WANObjectCacheReaper::__construct ( WANObjectCache  $cache,
BagOStuff  $store,
callable  $logCallback,
callable  $keyCallback,
array  $params 
WANObjectCache$cacheCache to reap bad keys from
BagOStuff$storeCache to store positions use for locking
callable$logCallbackCallback taking arguments:
  • The starting position as a UNIX timestamp
  • The starting unique ID used for breaking timestamp collisions or null
  • The ending position as a UNIX timestamp
  • The maximum number of results to return It returns a list of maps of (key: cache key, pos: UNIX timestamp, id: unique ID) for each key affected, with the corrosponding event timestamp/ID information. The events should be in ascending order, by (timestamp,id).
callable$keyCallbackCallback taking arguments:
  • The WANObjectCache instance
  • An object from the event log It should return a list of WAN cache keys. The callback must fully duck-type test the object, since can be any model class.
array$paramsAdditional options:
  • channel: the name of the update event stream. Default: WANObjectCache::DEFAULT_PURGE_CHANNEL.
  • initialStartWindow: seconds back in time to start if the position is lost. Default: 1 hour.
  • logger: an SPL monolog instance [optional]

Member Function Documentation

WANObjectCacheReaper::getState ( )
array|bool Returns (pos, id) map or false if not set
WANObjectCacheReaper::invoke (   $n = 100)

Check and reap stale keys based on a chunk of events

int$nNumber of events
int Number of keys checked
WANObjectCacheReaper::setLogger ( LoggerInterface  $logger)

Sets a logger instance on the object.


Implements Psr\Log\LoggerAwareInterface.

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