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PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\DummyFile Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($content, Ruleset $ruleset, Config $config)
 setErrorCounts ($errorCount, $warningCount, $fixableCount, $fixedCount)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\File
 __construct ($path, Ruleset $ruleset, Config $config)
 setContent ($content)
 reloadContent ()
 disableCaching ()
 process ()
 parse ()
 getTokens ()
 cleanUp ()
 addError ($error, $stackPtr, $code, $data=array(), $severity=0, $fixable=false)
 addWarning ($warning, $stackPtr, $code, $data=array(), $severity=0, $fixable=false)
 addErrorOnLine ($error, $line, $code, $data=array(), $severity=0)
 addWarningOnLine ($warning, $line, $code, $data=array(), $severity=0)
 addFixableError ($error, $stackPtr, $code, $data=array(), $severity=0)
 addFixableWarning ($warning, $stackPtr, $code, $data=array(), $severity=0)
 recordMetric ($stackPtr, $metric, $value)
 getErrorCount ()
 getWarningCount ()
 getSuccessCount ()
 getFixableCount ()
 getFixedCount ()
 getIgnoredLines ()
 getErrors ()
 getWarnings ()
 getMetrics ()
 getFilename ()
 getDeclarationName ($stackPtr)
 getMethodParameters ($stackPtr)
 getMethodProperties ($stackPtr)
 getMemberProperties ($stackPtr)
 getClassProperties ($stackPtr)
 isReference ($stackPtr)
 getTokensAsString ($start, $length)
 findPrevious ($types, $start, $end=null, $exclude=false, $value=null, $local=false)
 findNext ($types, $start, $end=null, $exclude=false, $value=null, $local=false)
 findStartOfStatement ($start, $ignore=null)
 findEndOfStatement ($start, $ignore=null)
 findFirstOnLine ($types, $start, $exclude=false, $value=null)
 hasCondition ($stackPtr, $types)
 getCondition ($stackPtr, $type)
 findExtendedClassName ($stackPtr)
 findImplementedInterfaceNames ($stackPtr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\File
 $path = ''
 $config = null
 $ruleset = null
 $ignored = false
 $eolChar = ''
 $fixer = null
 $tokenizer = null
 $fromCache = false
 $numTokens = 0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\File
 addMessage ($error, $message, $line, $column, $code, $data, $severity, $fixable)
- Protected Attributes inherited from PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\File
 $content = ''
 $tokens = array()
 $errors = array()
 $warnings = array()
 $metrics = array()
 $errorCount = 0
 $warningCount = 0
 $fixableCount = 0
 $fixedCount = 0
 $ignoredListeners = array()
 $ignoredCodes = array()
 $listeners = array()
 $activeListener = ''
 $listenerTimes = array()
 $configCache = array()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\DummyFile::__construct (   $content,
Ruleset  $ruleset,
Config  $config 

Creates a DummyFile object and sets the content.

string$contentThe content of the file.
\PHP_CodeSniffer\Ruleset$rulesetThe ruleset used for the run.
\PHP_CodeSniffer\Config$configThe config data for the run.

Member Function Documentation

PHP_CodeSniffer\Files\DummyFile::setErrorCounts (   $errorCount,

Set the error, warning, and fixable counts for the file.

int$errorCountThe number of errors found.
int$warningCountThe number of warnings found.
int$fixableCountThe number of fixable errors found.
int$fixedCountThe number of errors that were fixed.

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