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Modified version of Easy-Deflate

  • Added semi-colons to easydeflate.js so it can be minified
  • Namespaced functions inside global EasyDeflate object
  • Base64 lib replaced with one with detailed license info

Modifications by Ed Sanders, Public Domain.


Library for compressing and decompressing strings in JavaScript, feature full Unicode support and is compatible with most browsers.


Copy the script inclusion from demo.html.
Call deflate(foo) in order to compress a string.
Call inflate(bar) in order to decompress a string compressed in this manner.
Both functions return a string, or null in case of illegal input.

The compression works by first UTF-8 encoding the input, then compressing it to a raw deflate stream. The stream is then base64 encoded, and finally the identifier "rawdeflate," is prepended.


Gildas Lormeau made the JavaScript conversion of a Deflate utility:
Jacob Christian Munch-Andersen made this package in order to make simple use easier and compatible with older browsers.

The following shims are included:
es5-shim by Kristopher Michael Kowal
JSON 3 by Kit Cambridge
Typed arrays light shim by Jacob Christian Munch-Andersen
<s>base64 by Yaffle</s>


Main packages come with a BSD licence, the shims, except for base64 that include no license text, each has a permissive license.