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Maps is the MediaWiki extension to work with and visualize geographical information. It has been maintained since 2009 and is installed on over 1000 public wikis.


  • Powerful #display_map parser hook for embedding highly customizable dynamic maps into wiki pages.
  • Support for multiple mapping services: Leaflet, Google Maps, OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap.
  • Integration with Semantic MediaWiki via a coordinate datatype
    • Query your stored coordinates and visualize them on dynamic maps, as tables or as lists
    • Export your coordinates as KML or RDF
    • Combine coordinates with other structured data stored in your wiki
  • Coordinate formatting and format conversion via the #coordinates parser function.
  • Geocoding via several supported services with the #geocode parser function.
  • Geospatial operations
    • Calculating the distance between two points with #geodistance
    • Finding a destination given a starting point, bearing and distance with #finddestination
  • Distance formatting and format conversion via the #distance parser function.
  • Visual map editor (Special:MapEditor) to edit #display_map wikitext (requires Google Maps).

User manual

For administrators

  • Installation and configuration
  • Release notes - detailed list of changes per release
  • Platform compatibility - overview of PHP and MediaWiki support per release

For wiki users

Getting support

Project status

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Running the tests

As setup, run composer install inside of the Maps root directory.

You can run the MediaWiki independent tests by changing into the Maps root directory and running


This is possible without having a MediaWiki installation or webserver. A clone of the Maps code suffices.

To run the tests with MediaWiki, change into tests/phpunit of your MediaWiki installation and run

php phpunit.php --wiki wiki -c ../../extensions/Maps/phpunit.xml.dist

Where you either update wiki to match your wikis name, or drop the parameter. The above command works without modification if you are using the MediaWiki Vagrant.

Beware that due to severe technical debt, some tests access the network.