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Contributing to VisualEditor

Thank you for helping us develop VisualEditor!

We inherit the contribution guidelines from VisualEditor core. Be sure to read the "Contribution guidelines" in the VisualEditor repository.

Running tests

The VisualEditor plugins for MediaWiki can be tested within your MediaWiki install.

Configure your wiki to allow running of tests. In LocalSettings.php, set: ```php // $wgEnableJavaScriptTest = true; ```

Then open http://URL_OF_MEDIAWIKI/index.php/Special:JavaScriptTest/qunit (for example, http://localhost/w/index.php/Special:JavaScriptTest/qunit).

Node-based code linting tests can be run locally using npm – run:

npm install && npm test

Pre-commit hook

A pre-commit git hook script exists which will help flag up any issues and avoid irritating code review steps for you and reviewers. Simply do:

ln -s bin/ ../.git/hooks/pre-commit