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Release Notes

Chameleon 1.6

Released on 08-Oct-2017


  • Grid: Add mode attribute. This allows to switch the grid to fluid mode. (Robert Vogel (HalloWelt)
  • Allow full qualified class names as component type. This allows to use custom components. (Robert Vogel (HalloWelt)
  • Searchbar: Add 'buttons' attribute. This allows to hide one of the Searchbar buttons. Allowed values are search, go and search go.
  • Initial integration of the Echo extension. Mostly styles fixes to avoid breaking the skin.
  • Improve documentation


  • (#2) Fix font size and z-index of Echo popup
  • (#31) The Pencil button triggers "Edit with form" when $wgPageFormsRenameEditTabs of PageForms is set
  • (#32) Sticky elements now appear on top of MW Indicators
  • (#34) Some MediaWiki styles (mw-headline and mw-body) interfered with Bootstrap styles (Dennis Groenewegen)
  • (#35) Subcomponents of NavbarHorizontal have dedicated classes now and use the central component factory now. This allows to us Modifications on them.

Chameleon 1.5

Released on 23-Nov-2016


  • Move from WMF server to GitHub: Updates of documentation, some scripts, registration with translatewiki
  • Improve documentation
  • Replace jquery-sticky by sticky-kit
  • Use sticky for the navbar of the fixedhead layout
  • NavbarHorizontal: Allow custom types and classes for Navbar elements
  • PersonalTools: Add attribute hideNewtalkNotifier
  • Standard layout: Use separate NewtalkNotifier and PersonalTools components
  • Add schema description for layout files: layout.rng
  • Add validation script for layout files:
    Call php maintenance/validateLayout.php <layout.xml>
  • Add composer scripts: test, phpunit, build
  • Add JS linting for better code quality


  • Javascript modules were not loading in MW 1.28+
  • Logo: Link to main page when addLink attribute is not present

Chameleon 1.4

Released on 20-Sep-2016


  • Logo: add addLink attribute to Logo component


  • Restore "Edit with form" link for Semantic Forms 3.5 and later
  • Show dropdown menus of NavBar in front of maps (Maps extension)

Chameleon 1.3

Released on 08-Mar-2016


  • Add URL parameter 'uselayout'
  • Add attributes 'showTools' and 'showLanguages' for the NavMenu
  • Add attributes 'hideTools' and 'hideLanguages' for the ToolbarHorizontal
  • Add support for Page status indicators


  • Correctly follow symlinks (Bug: T124714)
  • Provide correct box-sizing model and z-index for VisualEditor components
  • Float the VisualEditor UI toolbar below a fixed or sticky navbar

Chameleon 1.2

Released on 16-Jan-2016

This release may break customized styles for the NavbarHorizontal component.


  • Restructured the Page Tools on Navbars: The 'Edit' action and the Page Tools' menu button got icons and were offset from the rest of the menus.
  • 'Edit' link links to the proper Visual Editor action if the VE extension is present
  • 'Edit' link links to the proper Semantic Forms action if the SF extension is present and $sfgRenameEditTabs is set
  • Improve styleability of tool buttons in NavbarHorizontal (wrap the button label in a span) and rework styling of the buttons
  • Add ChameleonNavbarHorizontalPersonalToolsLinkText hook
  • Add ChameleonNavbarHorizontalNewTalkLinkText hook
  • New less style variables -height, -padding-vertical, -padding-horizontal


  • Use variable -border for color of lower border of first heading
  • Some style issues for VisualEditor
  • The 'Page' link was not shown in Edit mode
  • Some themes (e.g. spacelab, cerulian) overrode the toolbar padding when the mouse hovered over links

Chameleon 1.1.4

Released on 27-May-2015


Chameleon 1.1.3

Released on 01-Mar-2015

Bump minimum Bootstrap extension version to 1.1


  • Set -default-link-active-bg to -default-bg color
  • Bullets for ULs respond to list-style:none again
  • Align personal tools drop-down with lower edge of navbar
  • Let .tleft float left
  • Let jumped-to section heads appear below fixed/sticky header
  • Add mediawiki.sectionAnchor module (for compatibility with MW 1.25)
  • Fix i18n for page tools link

Other changes:

  • Minor doc fixes
  • Add integration test StylesCompileTest
  • Restructure test file layout

Chameleon 1.1.2

Released on 19-Nov-2014


  • Load shared.css with correct remote base path, so ref'd images are found
  • Display lists in File namespace without bullets
  • Set padding for and to have more space in between
  • Enable mw-phpunit-runner.php when started from outside dir
  • Use an spdx-compliant license identifier in composer.json
  • Set padding of mw-ui-input and -button on Special:Search so they have the same height (Bug: 73509)
  • Remove table positioning from personal tools. (Bug: 73514)

Other changes:

  • Add detailed installation instructions for Linux
  • Introduce relative file paths throughout the skin to enable installation in other directories then the standard .../skins. However it still expects some layout assumptions to be true.
  • Reorganize directories
  • Refactor several components and helper classes
  • Refactor Menu package (+ add some testing)

Chameleon 1.1.1

Released on 08-Nov-2014


Other changes:

  • Some refactoring of the MainContent component

Chameleon 1.1

Released on 06-Nov-2014

New layouts:

  • clean: This is a minimalist layout intended for wikis that are not open for general editing. A use case might be a blogging platform. For users, that do not have edit rights, the layout will show only the main content of a wiki page (and the site notice, if set). For users that do have edit rights it will additionally show a sticky full-width navbar above, and a toolbar and an info footer below the main content.

New components and modifications:

  • Silent: Does nothing. Mainly intended for internal purposes, but may also be used in custom layouts, e.g. as a placeholder during layout development
  • HideFor: Modification that allows to hide the parent component if the condition specified by the attributes is fulfilled. See its description
  • ShowOnlyFor: Modification that allows to show the parent component only if the condition specified by the attributes is fulfilled. See its description

Other changes:

  • Update CI test setup
  • Update localisation
  • Update documentation

Known issues:

  • This version will identify as 1.1-alpha on Special:Version

Chameleon 1.0.1

Released on 22-Oct-2014


  • Fix TOC layout

Other changes:

  • Add basic testing for Menu component (and fix a small bug)
  • Update documentation

Chameleon 1.0

Released on 19-Oct-2014

After nearly 1.5 years in development status, this is the first official version of the Chameleon skin for MediaWiki.

It contains the following layouts:

  • standard features a big logo, a horizontal nav bar containing the sidebar navigation links to Main Page, Recent changes, etc. The personal tools (user page, preferences, etc.) and the page tools (discussion, edit, history) are kept as textual links above and below the nav bar. Same goes for the search bar, it is kept above the nav bar on the right side of the page.
  • navhead integrates the (now smaller) logo, page tools, personal tools, and the search bar in the nav bar, leading to a more content oriented look.
  • fixedhead takes the nav bar out of the content grid and puts it at the top of the page over the full width of the browser window. The nav bar stays fixed at its position when the page is scrolled.
  • stickyhead is similar to fixedhead, only it has a secondary menu bar on top of the main nav bar. When the page is scrolled, the secondary menu will scroll with the page, while the main menu will scroll only up to the upper window border and then stay there.

This version contains the following components:

  • Cell
  • Container
  • FooterIcons
  • FooterInfo
  • FooterPlaces
  • Grid
  • Html
  • Logo
  • MainContent
  • Menu
  • NavbarHorizontal
  • NavMenu
  • NewtalkNotifier
  • PageTools
  • PersonalTools
  • Row
  • SearchBar
  • SiteNotice
  • Structure
  • ToolbarHorizontal

Known Issues:

  • The available documentation is insufficient. For now, if you have questions, just ask.
  • Many of the lesser used page elements are not properly styled yet.


  • Tests have been run against MediaWiki 1.22 and 1.25