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Error Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($message="", $code=0, Throwable $previous=null)
 getMessage ()
 getCode ()
 getFile ()
 getLine ()
 getTrace ()
 getTraceAsString ()
 getPrevious ()
 __toString ()

Detailed Description

Error is the base class for all internal PHP error exceptions. 7.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

Error::__toString ( )

Gets a string representation of the thrown object string Returns the string representation of the thrown object.


Implements Throwable.

Error::getCode ( )

Gets the exception code int Returns the exception code as integer in {

See Also
Exception} but possibly as other type in {
Exception} descendants (for example as string in {

Implements Throwable.

Error::getFile ( )

Gets the file in which the exception occurred string Returns the name of the file from which the object was thrown. 7.0

Implements Throwable.

Error::getLine ( )

Gets the line on which the object was instantiated int Returns the line number where the thrown object was instantiated. 7.0

Implements Throwable.

Error::getMessage ( )

Gets the message string 7.0

Implements Throwable.

Error::getTrace ( )

Gets the stack trace array Returns the stack trace as an array in the same format as {

See Also

Implements Throwable.

Error::getTraceAsString ( )

Gets the stack trace as a string string Returns the stack trace as a string. 7.0

Implements Throwable.

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