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MockWebRequest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (WebResponse $response)
 response ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from WebRequest
 __construct ()
 getElapsedTime ()
 getProtocol ()
 interpolateTitle ()
 normalizeUnicode ($data)
 getRawVal ($name, $default=null)
 getVal ($name, $default=null)
 setVal ($key, $value)
 unsetVal ($key)
 getArray ($name, $default=null)
 getIntArray ($name, $default=null)
 getInt ($name, $default=0)
 getIntOrNull ($name)
 getFloat ($name, $default=0.0)
 getBool ($name, $default=false)
 getFuzzyBool ($name, $default=false)
 getCheck ($name)
 getText ($name, $default= '')
 getValues ()
 getValueNames ($exclude=[])
 getQueryValues ()
 getRawQueryString ()
 getRawPostString ()
 getRawInput ()
 getMethod ()
 wasPosted ()
 getSession ()
 setSessionId (SessionId $sessionId)
 getSessionId ()
 getCookie ($key, $prefix=null, $default=null)
 getRequestURL ()
 getFullRequestURL ()
 appendQueryValue ($key, $value)
 appendQueryArray ($array)
 getLimitOffset ($deflimit=50, $optionname= 'rclimit')
 getFileTempname ($key)
 getUploadError ($key)
 getFileName ($key)
 getUpload ($key)
 response ()
 getAllHeaders ()
 getHeader ($name, $flags=0)
 getSessionData ($key)
 setSessionData ($key, $data)
 checkUrlExtension ($extWhitelist=[])
 getAcceptLang ()
 getIP ()
 setIP ($ip)
 hasSafeMethod ()
 isSafeRequest ()
 markAsSafeRequest ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from WebRequest
 $sessionId = null
 $markedAsSafe = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from WebRequest
static getPathInfo ($want= 'all')
static detectServer ()
static detectProtocol ()
static getRequestId ()
static overrideRequestId ($id)
static extractTitle ($path, $bases, $key=false)
static getGlobalRequestURL ()
- Public Attributes inherited from WebRequest
 $headers = []
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WebRequest
 initHeaders ()
 doSecurityRedirect ($url)
 getRawIP ()

Detailed Description

A mock WebRequest.

If the code under test accesses the response via the request (see WebRequest::response), then you might be able to use this mock to simplify your tests.

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