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CategoryPage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 view ()
 openShowCategory ()
 closeShowCategory ()
 getCategoryViewerClass ()
 setCategoryViewerClass ($class)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Article
 __construct (Title $title, $oldId=null)
 getRedirectedFrom ()
 setRedirectedFrom (Title $from)
 getTitle ()
 getPage ()
 clear ()
 getOldID ()
 getOldIDFromRequest ()
 isCurrent ()
 getRevisionFetched ()
 getRevIdFetched ()
 view ()
 adjustDisplayTitle (ParserOutput $pOutput)
 getRobotPolicy ($action, $pOutput=null)
 showRedirectedFromHeader ()
 showNamespaceHeader ()
 showViewFooter ()
 showPatrolFooter ()
 showMissingArticle ()
 showDeletedRevisionHeader ()
 setOldSubtitle ($oldid=0)
 viewRedirect ($target, $appendSubtitle=true, $forceKnown=false)
 addHelpLink ($to, $overrideBaseUrl=false)
 render ()
 protect ()
 unprotect ()
 delete ()
 confirmDelete ($reason)
 doDelete ($reason, $suppress=false)
 isFileCacheable ($mode=HTMLFileCache::MODE_NORMAL)
 getParserOutput ($oldid=null, User $user=null)
 setParserOptions (ParserOptions $options)
 getParserOptions ()
 setContext ($context)
 getContext ()
 __get ($fname)
 __set ($fname, $fvalue)
 checkFlags ($flags)
 checkTouched ()
 clearPreparedEdit ()
 doDeleteArticleReal ($reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error= '', User $user=null, $tags=[])
 doDeleteUpdates ($id, Content $content=null)
 doEditContent (Content $content, $summary, $flags=0, $baseRevId=false, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null)
 doEditUpdates (Revision $revision, User $user, array $options=[])
 doPurge ()
 doViewUpdates (User $user, $oldid=0)
 exists ()
 followRedirect ()
 getActionOverrides ()
 getAutoDeleteReason (&$hasHistory)
 getCategories ()
 getComment ($audience=Revision::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
 getContentHandler ()
 getContentModel ()
 getContributors ()
 getCreator ($audience=Revision::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
 getDeletionUpdates (Content $content=null)
 getHiddenCategories ()
 getId ()
 getLatest ()
 getLinksTimestamp ()
 getMinorEdit ()
 getOldestRevision ()
 getRedirectTarget ()
 getRedirectURL ($rt)
 getRevision ()
 getTimestamp ()
 getTouched ()
 getUndoContent (Revision $undo, Revision $undoafter=null)
 getUser ($audience=Revision::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
 getUserText ($audience=Revision::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
 hasViewableContent ()
 insertOn ($dbw, $pageId=null)
 insertProtectNullRevision ($revCommentMsg, array $limit, array $expiry, $cascade, $reason, $user=null)
 insertRedirect ()
 insertRedirectEntry (Title $rt, $oldLatest=null)
 isCountable ($editInfo=false)
 isRedirect ()
 loadFromRow ($data, $from)
 loadPageData ($from= 'fromdb')
 lockAndGetLatest ()
 makeParserOptions ($context)
 pageDataFromId ($dbr, $id, $options=[])
 pageDataFromTitle ($dbr, $title, $options=[])
 prepareContentForEdit (Content $content, $revision=null, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null, $useCache=true)
 protectDescription (array $limit, array $expiry)
 protectDescriptionLog (array $limit, array $expiry)
 replaceSectionAtRev ($sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle= '', $baseRevId=null)
 replaceSectionContent ($sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle= '', $edittime=null)
 setTimestamp ($ts)
 shouldCheckParserCache (ParserOptions $parserOptions, $oldId)
 supportsSections ()
 triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate (ParserOutput $parserOutput)
 updateCategoryCounts (array $added, array $deleted, $id=0)
 updateIfNewerOn ($dbw, $revision)
 updateRedirectOn ($dbw, $redirectTitle, $lastRevIsRedirect=null)
 updateRevisionOn ($dbw, $revision, $lastRevision=null, $lastRevIsRedirect=null)
 doUpdateRestrictions (array $limit, array $expiry, &$cascade, $reason, User $user)
 updateRestrictions ($limit=[], $reason= '', &$cascade=0, $expiry=[])
 doDeleteArticle ($reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error= '')
 doRollback ($fromP, $summary, $token, $bot, &$resultDetails, User $user=null)
 commitRollback ($fromP, $summary, $bot, &$resultDetails, User $guser=null)
 generateReason (&$hasHistory)

Protected Member Functions

 newPage (Title $title)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Article
 newPage (Title $title)
 getContentObject ()
 fetchContentObject ()
 showDiffPage ()
 tryFileCache ()

Protected Attributes

 $mCategoryViewerClass = CategoryViewer::class
- Protected Attributes inherited from Article

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Article
static newFromID ($id)
static newFromTitle ($title, IContextSource $context)
static newFromWikiPage (WikiPage $page, IContextSource $context)
static formatRobotPolicy ($policy)
static purgePatrolFooterCache ($articleID)
- Public Attributes inherited from Article
 $mContentLoaded = false
 $mRedirectedFrom = null
 $mRedirectUrl = false
 $mRevIdFetched = 0
 $mRevision = null

Detailed Description

Special handling for category description pages, showing pages, subcategories and file that belong to the category

Member Function Documentation

CategoryPage::newPage ( Title  $title)

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