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DeletedContributionsPage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 execute ($par)
 getSubTitle ($userObj)
 getForm ()
 prefixSearchSubpages ($search, $limit, $offset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
 __construct ($name= '', $restriction= '', $listed=true, $function=false, $file= '', $includable=false)
 getName ()
 getRestriction ()
 isListed ()
 setListed ($listed)
 listed ($x=null)
 isIncludable ()
 maxIncludeCacheTime ()
 including ($x=null)
 getLocalName ()
 isExpensive ()
 isCached ()
 isRestricted ()
 userCanExecute (User $user)
 displayRestrictionError ()
 checkPermissions ()
 checkReadOnly ()
 requireLogin ($reasonMsg= 'exception-nologin-text', $titleMsg= 'exception-nologin')
 prefixSearchSubpages ($search, $limit, $offset)
 setHeaders ()
 run ($subPage)
 execute ($subPage)
 outputHeader ($summaryMessageKey= '')
 getDescription ()
 getTitle ($subpage=false)
 getPageTitle ($subpage=false)
 setContext ($context)
 getContext ()
 getRequest ()
 getOutput ()
 getUser ()
 getSkin ()
 getLanguage ()
 getConfig ()
 getFullTitle ()
 msg ($key)
 addHelpLink ($to, $overrideBaseUrl=false)
 getFinalGroupName ()
 doesWrites ()
 getLinkRenderer ()
 setLinkRenderer (LinkRenderer $linkRenderer)

Protected Member Functions

 getGroupName ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
 getCacheTTL ()
 getLoginSecurityLevel ()
 checkLoginSecurityLevel ($level=null)
 getSubpagesForPrefixSearch ()
 prefixSearchString ($search, $limit, $offset)
 beforeExecute ($subPage)
 afterExecute ($subPage)
 getRobotPolicy ()
 addFeedLinks ($params)
 getGroupName ()
 useTransactionalTimeLimit ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from SpecialPage

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
static getTitleFor ($name, $subpage=false, $fragment= '')
static getTitleValueFor ($name, $subpage=false, $fragment= '')
static getSafeTitleFor ($name, $subpage=false)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
static prefixSearchArray ($search, $limit, array $subpages, $offset)

Detailed Description

Implements Special:DeletedContributions to display archived revisions

Member Function Documentation

DeletedContributionsPage::execute (   $par)

Special page "deleted user contributions". Shows a list of the deleted contributions of a user.

string$par(optional) user name of the user for which to show the contributions
DeletedContributionsPage::getForm ( )

Generates the namespace selector form with hidden attributes.

DeletedContributionsPage::getSubTitle (   $userObj)

Generates the subheading with links

User$userObjUser object for the target
string Appropriately-escaped HTML to be output literally
DeletedContributionsPage::prefixSearchSubpages (   $search,

Return an array of subpages beginning with $search that this special page will accept.

string$searchPrefix to search for
int$limitMaximum number of results to return (usually 10)
int$offsetNumber of results to skip (usually 0)
string[] Matching subpages

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