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vis Namespace Reference


def vis
def unvis


list __all__
int VIS_OCTAL = 0x0001
 Constants from bsd/vis.h.
int VIS_CSTYLE = 0x0002
int VIS_SP = 0x0004
int VIS_TAB = 0x0008
int VIS_NL = 0x0010
int VIS_SAFE = 0x0020
int VIS_NOSLASH = 0x0040
int VIS_HTTP1808 = 0x0080
int VIS_HTTPSTYLE = 0x0080
int VIS_MIMESTYLE = 0x0100
int VIS_HTTP1866 = 0x0200
int VIS_NOESCAPE = 0x0400
int VIS_GLOB = 0x1000
tuple _libbsd = CDLL(find_library('bsd'))
 Import libbsd/vis functions.
 _strvis = _libbsd.strvis
 _strunvis = _libbsd.strunvis

Detailed Description

Ctypes based module to access libbsd's strvis & strunvis functions.

The `vis` function is the equivalent of strvis.
The `unvis` function is the equivalent of strunvis.
All functions accept unicode string as input and return a unicode string.


* to select alternate encoding format
  `VIS_OCTAL`:      use octal \ddd format
  `VIS_CSTYLE`:     use \[nrft0..] where appropiate

* to alter set of characters encoded
  (default is to encode all non-graphic except space, tab, and newline).
  `VIS_SP`:         also encode space
  `VIS_TAB`:        also encode tab
  `VIS_NL`:         also encode newline
  `VIS_WHITE`:      same as (VIS_SP | VIS_TAB | VIS_NL)
  `VIS_SAFE`:       only encode "unsafe" characters

* other
  `VIS_NOSLASH`:    inhibit printing '\'
  `VIS_HTTP1808`:   http-style escape % hex hex
  `VIS_HTTPSTYLE`:  http-style escape % hex hex
  `VIS_MIMESTYLE`:  mime-style escape = HEX HEX
  `VIS_HTTP1866`:   http-style &#num; or &string;
  `VIS_NOESCAPE`:   don't decode `\'
  `VIS_GLOB`:       encode glob(3) magic characters

- ju1ius (
:Version: 1
:Date: 2014-01-05

Function Documentation

def vis.unvis (   src)
Decodes a string encoded by vis.

C definition:
int strunvis(char *dst, char *src);
def vis.vis (   src,
  flags = VIS_WHITE 
Encodes the string `src` into libbsd's vis encoding.
`flags` must be one of the VIS_* constants

C definition:
int strvis(char *dst, char *src, int flags);

Variable Documentation

list vis.__all__
Initial value:
1 = [
2  'vis', 'unvis',
7 ]