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Breaking changes

  • Indices/Analyze Endpoint: filters and char_filters URI parameters have renamed to filter and char_filter respectively
  • SearchExists endpoint has been removed (use `size=0` and `terminate_after=1` instead)
  • Warmers have been removed because they are no longer useful
  • Indices/Optimize Endpoint has been removed (use `_forcemerge` instead)
  • MoreLikeThis (MLT) endpoint has been removed
  • DeleteByQuery endpoint has been removed.
  • Tasks/List and Tasks/Get are now separate endpoints (see: [e0cc5f9])
  • Client requires PHP 5.6.6 or higher


  • Percolator endpoints are deprecated and will be removed in Elasticsearch 6.0

Internal BWC Breaks

  • Namespace injection has changed slightly. If you use custom namespaces, you'll need to update your code (see: Add better ability to inject namespaces [b1a27b7])
  • Endpoints no longer use the Transport directly. If you use custom endpoints, you'll need to do some minor refactoring (see: Refactor to remove Transport dependence in endpoints [ecd454c])
  • To facilitate testing and other features, the ConnectionInterface has expanded to obtain some more methods ([getPath()], [getUserPass()], [getHost()])