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GenerateCollationData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 execute ()
 loadUcd ()
 charCallback ($data)
 generateFirstChars ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Maintenance
 __construct ()
 execute ()
 getName ()
 isQuiet ()
 cleanupChanneled ()
 outputChanneled ($msg, $channel=null)
 getDbType ()
 getConfig ()
 setConfig (Config $config)
 checkRequiredExtensions ()
 setAgentAndTriggers ()
 setup ()
 memoryLimit ()
 clearParamsAndArgs ()
 loadWithArgv ($argv)
 loadParamsAndArgs ($self=null, $opts=null, $args=null)
 globals ()
 loadSettings ()
 purgeRedundantText ($delete=true)
 setDB (IDatabase $db)
 updateSearchIndex ($maxLockTime, $callback, $dbw, $results)
 updateSearchIndexForPage ($dbw, $pageId)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Maintenance
const DB_NONE = 0
const DB_STD = 1
const DB_ADMIN = 2
const STDIN_ALL = 'all'
 $orderedOptions = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Maintenance
static shouldExecute ()
static setLBFactoryTriggers (LBFactory $LBFactory, Config $config)
static posix_isatty ($fd)
static readconsole ($prompt= '> ')
static getTermSize ()
static requireTestsAutoloader ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Maintenance
 addOption ($name, $description, $required=false, $withArg=false, $shortName=false, $multiOccurrence=false)
 hasOption ($name)
 getOption ($name, $default=null)
 addArg ($arg, $description, $required=true)
 deleteOption ($name)
 addDescription ($text)
 hasArg ($argId=0)
 getArg ($argId=0, $default=null)
 getBatchSize ()
 setBatchSize ($s=0)
 getStdin ($len=null)
 output ($out, $channel=null)
 error ($err, $die=0)
 fatalError ($msg, $exitCode=1)
 addDefaultParams ()
 requireExtension ($name)
 adjustMemoryLimit ()
 validateParamsAndArgs ()
 loadSpecialVars ()
 maybeHelp ($force=false)
 afterFinalSetup ()
 getDir ()
 getDB ($db, $groups=[], $wiki=false)
 beginTransaction (IDatabase $dbw, $fname)
 commitTransaction (IDatabase $dbw, $fname)
 rollbackTransaction (IDatabase $dbw, $fname)
 countDown ($seconds)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Maintenance
 $mParams = []
 $mShortParamsMap = []
 $mArgList = []
 $mOptions = []
 $mArgs = []
 $mQuiet = false
 $mDescription = ''
 $mInputLoaded = false
 $mBatchSize = null

Detailed Description

Generate first letter data files for Collation.php

Member Data Documentation


The directory with source data files in it


A hashtable keyed by codepoint, where presence indicates that a character has a decomposition mapping. This makes it non-preferred for group header selection.


The primary weights, indexed by codepoint

const GenerateCollationData::NORMAL_UPPERCASE = 0x08

Important tertiary weights from UTS #10 section 7.2

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