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BlueSpice\Data\Watchlist\Record Class Reference
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Public Attributes

const USER_ID = 'user_id'
const USER_DISPLAY_NAME = 'user_display_name'
const USER_LINK = 'user_link'
const PAGE_ID = 'page_id'
const PAGE_PREFIXED_TEXT = 'page_prefixedtext'
const PAGE_LINK = 'page_link'
const NOTIFICATIONTIMESTAMP = 'notificationtimestamp'
const HAS_UNREAD_CHANGES = 'has_unread_changes'
const IS_TALK_PAGE = 'is_talk_page'

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from BlueSpice\Data\Record
 __construct ($dataSet,\Status $status=null)
 get ($fieldName, $default=null)
 set ($fieldName, $value)
 jsonSerialize ()
 getData ()
 getStatus ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from BlueSpice\Data\Record
 $dataSet = null
 $status = null

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