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Parse CSV with Javascript

![mholt on Gratipay](

Papa Parse is the fastest CSV (or delimited text) parser for JavaScript. It is reliable and correct according to RFC 4180, and it comes with these features:

  • Easy to use
  • Parse CSV files directly (local or over the network)
  • Stream large files (even via HTTP)
  • Reverse parsing (converts JSON to CSV)
  • Auto-detect delimiter
  • Worker threads to keep your web page reactive
  • Header row support
  • Pause, resume, abort
  • Can convert numbers and booleans to their types
  • Small jQuery integration to get files from <input type="file"> elements

Papa Parse has no dependencies - not even jQuery.

Homepage & Demo

Papa Parse for Node

Rich Harris forked this project to make **Baby Parse** which runs in Node.js environments. However, it is using an older version of the parser which is very slow and has some bugs.

```bash $ npm install babyparse ```

Baby Parse on npm registry

Use it just like Papa Parse. However:

  • It is not up to date with the latest parser, so it is slower and has bugs.
  • Files are not supported; strings only (you can use Node's file facilities to load file contents yourself)
  • Some config options are unavailable:
    • worker
    • download (you can use Node's network facilities to download files yourself)
    • encoding
    • chunk

Otherwise, Baby Parse has nearly all the same functionality as Papa Parse 3.0, including the unparse() function.

Get Started

Use papaparse.min.js for production.

For usage instructions, see the homepage and, for more detail, the documentation.


Papa Parse is under test. Download this repository and open tests/tests.html in your browser to run them.


To discuss a new feature or ask a question, open an issue. To fix a bug, submit a pull request to be credited with the contributors! Remember, a pull request, with test, is best.You may also discuss on Twitter with #PapaParse or directly to me, .