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LanguageSl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 convertGrammar ($word, $case)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Language
 __destruct ()
 initContLang ()
 getFallbackLanguages ()
 getBookstoreList ()
 getNamespaces ()
 setNamespaces (array $namespaces)
 resetNamespaces ()
 getFormattedNamespaces ()
 getNsText ($index)
 getFormattedNsText ($index)
 getGenderNsText ($index, $gender)
 needsGenderDistinction ()
 getLocalNsIndex ($text)
 getNamespaceAliases ()
 getNamespaceIds ()
 getNsIndex ($text)
 getVariantname ($code, $usemsg=true)
 getDatePreferences ()
 getDateFormats ()
 getDefaultDateFormat ()
 getDatePreferenceMigrationMap ()
 getImageFile ($image)
 getImageFiles ()
 getExtraUserToggles ()
 getUserToggle ($tog)
 getMessageFromDB ($msg)
 getMonthName ($key)
 getMonthNamesArray ()
 getMonthNameGen ($key)
 getMonthAbbreviation ($key)
 getMonthAbbreviationsArray ()
 getWeekdayName ($key)
 getWeekdayAbbreviation ($key)
 getIranianCalendarMonthName ($key)
 getHebrewCalendarMonthName ($key)
 getHebrewCalendarMonthNameGen ($key)
 getHijriCalendarMonthName ($key)
 sprintfDate ($format, $ts, DateTimeZone $zone=null, &$ttl= 'unused')
 userAdjust ($ts, $tz=false)
 dateFormat ($usePrefs=true)
 getDateFormatString ($type, $pref)
 date ($ts, $adj=false, $format=true, $timecorrection=false)
 time ($ts, $adj=false, $format=true, $timecorrection=false)
 timeanddate ($ts, $adj=false, $format=true, $timecorrection=false)
 formatDuration ($seconds, array $chosenIntervals=[])
 getDurationIntervals ($seconds, array $chosenIntervals=[])
 userDate ($ts, User $user, array $options=[])
 userTime ($ts, User $user, array $options=[])
 userTimeAndDate ($ts, User $user, array $options=[])
 getHumanTimestamp (MWTimestamp $time, MWTimestamp $relativeTo=null, User $user=null)
 getMessage ($key)
 getAllMessages ()
 iconv ($in, $out, $string)
 ucwordbreaksCallbackAscii ($matches)
 ucwordbreaksCallbackMB ($matches)
 ucwordsCallbackMB ($matches)
 ucfirst ($str)
 uc ($str, $first=false)
 lcfirst ($str)
 lc ($str, $first=false)
 isMultibyte ($str)
 ucwords ($str)
 ucwordbreaks ($str)
 caseFold ($s)
 checkTitleEncoding ($s)
 fallback8bitEncoding ()
 hasWordBreaks ()
 segmentByWord ($string)
 normalizeForSearch ($string)
 convertForSearchResult ($termsArray)
 firstChar ($s)
 initEncoding ()
 recodeForEdit ($s)
 recodeInput ($s)
 normalize ($s)
 transformUsingPairFile ($file, $string)
 isRTL ()
 getDir ()
 alignStart ()
 alignEnd ()
 getDirMarkEntity ($opposite=false)
 getDirMark ($opposite=false)
 capitalizeAllNouns ()
 getArrow ($direction= 'forwards')
 linkPrefixExtension ()
 getMagicWords ()
 getMagic ($mw)
 addMagicWordsByLang ($newWords)
 getSpecialPageAliases ()
 emphasize ($text)
 formatNum ($number, $nocommafy=false)
 formatNumNoSeparators ($number)
 parseFormattedNumber ($number)
 commafy ($number)
 digitGroupingPattern ()
 digitTransformTable ()
 separatorTransformTable ()
 minimumGroupingDigits ()
 listToText (array $l)
 commaList (array $list)
 semicolonList (array $list)
 pipeList (array $list)
 truncate ($string, $length, $ellipsis= '...', $adjustLength=true)
 truncateForDatabase ($string, $length, $ellipsis= '...', $adjustLength=true)
 truncateForVisual ($string, $length, $ellipsis= '...', $adjustLength=true)
 truncateHtml ($text, $length, $ellipsis= '...')
 convertGrammar ($word, $case)
 getGrammarForms ()
 getGrammarTransformations ()
 gender ($gender, $forms)
 convertPlural ($count, $forms)
 embedBidi ($text= '')
 translateBlockExpiry ($str, User $user=null, $now=0)
 segmentForDiff ($text)
 unsegmentForDiff ($text)
 getConverter ()
 autoConvert ($text, $variant=false)
 autoConvertToAllVariants ($text)
 convert ($text)
 convertTitle ($title)
 convertNamespace ($ns, $variant=null)
 hasVariants ()
 hasVariant ($variant)
 convertHtml ($text, $isTitle=false)
 convertCategoryKey ($key)
 getVariants ()
 getPreferredVariant ()
 getDefaultVariant ()
 getURLVariant ()
 findVariantLink (&$link, &$nt, $ignoreOtherCond=false)
 getExtraHashOptions ()
 getParsedTitle ()
 updateConversionTable (Title $title)
 markNoConversion ($text, $noParse=false)
 linkTrail ()
 linkPrefixCharset ()
 getParentLanguage ()
 equals (Language $lang)
 getCode ()
 getHtmlCode ()
 setCode ($code)
 fixVariableInNamespace ($talk)
 replaceGrammarInNamespace ($m)
 formatExpiry ($expiry, $format=true, $infinity= 'infinity')
 formatTimePeriod ($seconds, $format=[])
 formatBitrate ($bps)
 formatComputingNumbers ($size, $boundary, $messageKey)
 formatSize ($size)
 specialList ($page, $details, $oppositedm=true)
 viewPrevNext (Title $title, $offset, $limit, array $query=[], $atend=false)
 getConvRuleTitle ()
 getCompiledPluralRules ()
 getPluralRules ()
 getPluralRuleTypes ()
 getPluralRuleIndexNumber ($number)
 getPluralRuleType ($number)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Language
static factory ($code)
static isSupportedLanguage ($code)
static isWellFormedLanguageTag ($code, $lenient=false)
static isValidCode ($code)
static isValidBuiltInCode ($code)
static isKnownLanguageTag ($tag)
static getLocalisationCache ()
static fetchLanguageNames ($inLanguage=null, $include= 'mw')
static fetchLanguageName ($code, $inLanguage=null, $include= 'all')
static romanNumeral ($num)
static hebrewNumeral ($num)
static getCodeFromFileName ($filename, $prefix= 'Language', $suffix= '.php')
static classFromCode ($code, $fallback=true)
static getFileName ($prefix= 'Language', $code, $suffix= '.php')
static getMessagesFileName ($code)
static getJsonMessagesFileName ($code)
static getFallbackFor ($code)
static getFallbacksFor ($code)
static getFallbacksIncludingSiteLanguage ($code)
static getMessagesFor ($code)
static getMessageFor ($key, $code)
static getMessageKeysFor ($code)
- Public Attributes inherited from Language
 $mLoaded = false
 $mMagicExtensions = []
 $mMagicHookDone = false
 $mParentLanguage = false
 $dateFormatStrings = []
 $transformData = []
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Language
static $dataCache
static $mLangObjCache = []
static $mWeekdayMsgs
static $mWeekdayAbbrevMsgs
static $mMonthMsgs
static $mMonthGenMsgs
static $mMonthAbbrevMsgs
static $mIranianCalendarMonthMsgs
static $mHebrewCalendarMonthMsgs
static $mHebrewCalendarMonthGenMsgs
static $mHijriCalendarMonthMsgs
static $durationIntervals
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Language
 msg ($msg)
 doMagicHook ()
 removeBadCharLast ($string)
 removeBadCharFirst ($string)
 handleExplicitPluralForms ($count, array $forms)
 preConvertPlural ($forms, $count)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Language
static newFromCode ($code, $fallback=false)
static convertDoubleWidth ($string)
static insertSpace ($string, $pattern)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Language

Detailed Description

Slovenian (Slovenščina)

Member Function Documentation

LanguageSl::convertGrammar (   $word,

Cases: rodilnik, dajalnik, tožilnik, mestnik, orodnik


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