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BlueSpice\Social\EntityOutput Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BlueSpice\Social\EntityOutput:

Public Member Functions

 __construct (Entity $oEntity)
 render ($sType= 'Default', $bNoCache=false)
 getTemplateName ($sType)
 getArgs ($sType= 'Default')
 getEntityOpenTag ($sType)
 getEntityCloseTag ($sType)
 getEntity ()

Static Public Member Functions

static invalidateCache (Entity $oEntity)

Protected Member Functions

 getContent ($sType, $bNoCache=false)
 render_userimage ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_beforecontent ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_aftercontent ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_timestampcreated ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_children ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_beforechildren ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_afterchildren ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 render_attachments ($mVal, $sType= 'Default')
 renderViews ($sOut, $aViews)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getFromCache ($sType, Entity $oEntity)
static getCacheKey ($sType, Entity $oEntity, $iUserId)
static getUserCacheRelation (Entity $oEntity)
static appendUserCacheRelation (Entity $oEntity, $iUserId)
static appendCache ($sType, Entity $oEntity, $sOutput)

Protected Attributes

 $oEntity = null
 $aArgs = []

Static Protected Attributes

static $aOutputs = []
static $aUserCacheRelation = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BlueSpice\Social\EntityOutput::__construct ( Entity  $oEntity)


Member Function Documentation

BlueSpice\Social\EntityOutput::getEntity ( )

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