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Selenium tests


If using MediaWiki-Vagrant:

cd mediawiki/vagrant
vagrant up


cd mediawiki
npm install


npm run selenium

By default, Chrome will run in headless mode. If you want to see Chrome, set DISPLAY environment variable to any value:

DISPLAY=1 npm run selenium

To run only one file (for example page.js), you first need to spawn the chromedriver:

chromedriver --url-base=wd/hub --port=4444

Then in another terminal:

cd tests/selenium
../../node_modules/.bin/wdio --spec specs/page.js

To run only one test (name contains string 'preferences'):

../../node_modules/.bin/wdio --spec specs/user.js --mochaOpts.grep preferences

The runner reads the config file wdio.conf.js and runs the spec listed in page.js.

The defaults in the configuration files aim are targeting a MediaWiki-Vagrant installation on with a user Admin and password 'vagrant'. Those settings can be overridden using environment variables:

MW_SERVER: to be set to the value of your $wgServer MW_SCRIPT_PATH: ditto with $wgScriptPath MEDIAWIKI_USER: username of an account that can create users on the wiki MEDIAWIKI_PASSWORD: password for above user


MW_SERVER= MW_SCRIPT_PATH=/dev/w npm run selenium