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This interface provides the means to filter specific frequent words (or characters) from a text corpus.


use Onoi;

$sanitizerFactory = new SanitizerFactory();

$stopwordAnalyzer = $sanitizerFactory->newStopwordAnalyzerByLanguage( 'en' );

$stopwordAnalyzer->isStopWord( 'foo' );



CdbStopwordAnalyzer uses cdb as storage backend to allow for an instant access to a list of stopwords on a per language basis.

Adding a new set of stopwords to a language only requires to place a JSON file into the the /data folder and extend the CdbStopwordAnalyzerTest which ensures that listed languages and their JSON files are converted into a corresponding cdb file.

``` { "@source": "...", "version": "0.1", "list":[ "a", "about", "..." ] } ```