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One best practice approach in Semantic MediaWiki is to write integration tests as pseudo JSONScript to allow non-developers to review and understand the setup and requirements of its test scenarios.

The JSON format was introduced as abstraction layer to lower the barrier of understanding of what is being tested by using the wikitext markup to help design test cases quicker without the need to learn how PHPUnit or internal MediaWiki objects work.


Contains 202 files with a total of 877 tests:


  • f-0001.json Test format=debug output
  • f-0101.json Test format=template output using unnamed arguments (#885)
  • f-0102.json Test format=template output + unicode characters (#988, skip postgres)
  • f-0103.json Test format=template with self reference (#988, guard against template self-reference in ask/show query)
  • f-0104.json Test format=list, ul, ol, template (#2022,wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • f-0105.json Test format=list, ul, ol on _qty property (wgContLang=en, SMW_DV_NUMV_USPACE)
  • f-0201.json Test format=table on boolean table output formatting (#896, #1464)
  • f-0202.json Test format=table with sep cell formatting, #495 (wgContLang=en,wgLang=en)
  • f-0203.json Test format=table to sort by category (#1286)
  • f-0204.json Test format=table on _qty for different positional unit preference (#1329, en)
  • f-0205.json Test format=table on |+align=/|+limit/|+order extra printout parameters (T18571, en)
  • f-0206.json Test format=table to display extra property description _PDESC (en)
  • f-0207.json Test format=table on formatted indent when using */#/: (en)
  • f-0208.json Test format=table with limit=0 (further result links) for user/predefined properties, mainlabel=-, #show (wgContLang=en, wgLang=es)
  • f-0209.json Test format=table on _tem/ _num with LOCAL@... output (#1591, wgContLang=es, wgLang=en)
  • f-0210.json Test format=table on _qty for unit labels with spaces (#1718, wgContLang=en, SMW_DV_NUMV_USPACE)
  • f-0301.json Test format=category with template usage (#699, en, skip postgres)
  • f-0302.json Test format=category and defaultsort (#699, en)
  • f-0303.json Test format=category sort output using a template and DEFAULTSORT (#1459, en)
  • f-0401.json Test format=list output
  • f-0801.json Test format=embedded output (skip 1.19)
  • f-0802.json Test format=template [[SMW::on/off]] regression using named args=yes (#1453, skip-on 1.19)
  • f-0803.json Test format=template with sep/named args/template arguments (#972, #2022)


  • p-0101.json Test in-text annotation for use of restricted properties (#914, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0102.json Test in-text annotation on properties with invalid names/charaters (#1567, #1638, #1727 wgContLang=en)
  • p-0106.json Test #info parser output (#1019, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0107.json Test #smwdoc parser output (#1019, en)
  • p-0108.json Test #info, #ask template output (#2347, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0110.json Test tooltip with error output on _PVUC (smwgDVFeatures, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0202.json Test #set parser to use template for output (#1146, en)
  • p-0203.json Test #set parser in combination with #subobject and template output (#1067, regression check)
  • p-0204.json Test #set parser to produce error output (#870, en, verify that #set calls do not affect each other with previous errors)
  • p-0205.json Test #set/#ask recursive annotation support (#711, #1055, recursive annotation using import-annotation=true via template)
  • p-0206.json Test #show parser on inverse printrequest (#1222, #1223)
  • p-0207.json Test that undeclared properties with references remain after a rebuildData run (#1216, en)
  • p-0208.json Test #set for various _num values without explicit precision (3 digit implicit), with/without leading zero, different printouts, negative numbers (#753, en, smwgMaxNonExpNumber)
  • p-0209.json Test #set for various _qty values without explicit precision (3 digit implicit), with/without leading zero, and different printouts (#753, en, smwgMaxNonExpNumber)
  • p-0210.json Test #set_recurring_event (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0211.json Test #set/#subobject to import annotation via @json syntax (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0212.json Test @@@ in-text annotation syntax (#1855, #1875 wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0301.json Test #subobject category annotation (#1172)
  • p-0302.json Test #subobject parser to use invalid assignments and create _ERRC (#1299, en)
  • p-0303.json Test #subobject and #set parser on values with spaces (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0401.json Test annotations with disabled capital links (#673, wgCapitalLinks=false)
  • p-0402.json Test in-text parsing for double colon annotation such as :::: or ::: (#1066, #1075, en)
  • p-0403.json Test in-text annotations being disabled for when Factbox contains extra [[ ... ]] (#1126)
  • p-0404.json Test in-text annonation on different category colon identifier
  • p-0405.json Test in-text annotation via template and manual redirect (#895)
  • p-0406.json Test in-text annotation for unrestricted template parse using import-annotation=true (#1055)
  • p-0407.json Test in-text annotation for a redirect that is pointing to a deleted target (#1105)
  • p-0408.json Test in-text annotation for multiple property assignment using non-strict parser mode (#1252, en)
  • p-0409.json Test in-text annotation for _rec/_mlt_rec (+ subobject) for when record type points to another record type (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0410.json Test in-text annotation on _num/_tem/_qty type with denoted precision (_PREC) and/or -p<num> printout precision marker (#1335, en)
  • p-0411.json Test in-text annotation (and #subobject) using a monolingual property (#1344, en)
  • p-0412.json Test in-text annotation for _boo datatype (wgContLang=ja, wgLang=ja)
  • p-0413.json Test in-text annotation for different _dat input/output (en, skip virtuoso, smwgDVFeatures)
  • p-0414.json Test in-text annotation/free format for _dat datatype (#1389, #1401, en, smwgDVFeatures)
  • p-0415.json Test in-text annotation on _tem with display unit preference (en)
  • p-0416.json Test in-text annotation with DISPLAYTITLE (#1410, #1611, wgRestrictDisplayTitle, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0417.json Test in-text annotation for Allows pattern to match regular expressions (en)
  • p-0418.json Test in-text annotation using _SERV as provide service links (en)
  • p-0419.json Test in-text annotation for _PVUC to validate uniqueness (smwgDVFeatures)
  • p-0420.json Test in-text annotation for _dat using JL/GR annotated values (en, smwgDVFeatures)
  • p-0421.json Test in-text annotation with combined constraint validation (smwgDVFeatures)
  • p-0422.json Test in-text annotation _dat on partial dates (#2076, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0423.json Test in-text annotation / #ask (#MEDIAWIKI, #LOCL) output for _dat datatype (#1545, wgContLang=en, wgLang=ja)
  • p-0424.json Test in-text annotation for _boo datatype using LOCL (wgContLang=en, wgLang=fr, skip-on 1.25.6)
  • p-0425.json Test in-text annotation on _tem/ _num with different page content language (#1591, wgContLang=es, wgLang=en)
  • p-0426.json Test in-text annotation for _num on big/small numbers/scientific notation (wgContLang=fr, wgLang=en)
  • p-0427.json Test in-text annotation with DISPLAYTITLE / foaf to check on upper vs. lower case (wgRestrictDisplayTitle, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0428.json Test _TYPE annotations on different content language (wgContLang=fr, wgLang=en)
  • p-0429.json Test in-text _dat annotation with time offset, time zone, am/pm (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0430.json Test in-text annotation for _eid type (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0431.json Test in-text annotation _rec and |+index (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0432.json Test in-text annotation for _ref_rec type (#1808, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0433.json Test in-text annotation :: with left pipe (#1747, wgContLang=en, smwgLinksInValues=false)
  • p-0434.json Test printrequest property chaining |?Foo.Bar (#1824, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0435.json Test in-text annotation using _txt type with 255+ char, #ask to produce reduced length (#1878, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0436.json Test in-text annotation with _PPLB preferred property label
  • p-0437.json Test in-text annotation with preferred property label/_PPLB (#1879, wgContLang=en, wgLang=ja)
  • p-0438.json Test in-text annotation with preferred property label/DISPLAYTITLE on user/predefined properties (wgContLang=es, wgLang=de, wgRestrictDisplayTitle=false)
  • p-0439.json Test in-text annotation using '_txt'/'_wpg' type / UTF encoding (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0440.json Test in-text annotation _mlt_rec (Monolingual text) with |+lang/|+order parameter (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0441.json Test in-text _txt 00 string/loose comparison (#2061)
  • p-0442.json Test in-text #REDIRECT to verify target subobject isn't removed (#, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0443.json Test conditions and strict constraint validations for uniqueness _PVUC (#1463, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgDVFeatures)
  • p-0444.json Test in-text annotation LinksInValue SMW_LINV_OBFU (#2153, wgContLang=en, smwgLinksInValues=SMW_LINV_OBFU)
  • p-0445.json Test in-text annotation for _ref_rec type with errors (#..., wgContLang=en)
  • p-0446.json Test in-text annotation _uri/_ema/_tel with spaces/underscore (wgContLang=en)
  • p-0447.json Test in-text annotation with IRI export (#2188, smwgExportResourcesAsIri=true, wgContLang=ru, wgLang=en)
  • p-0448.json Test in-text legacy := annotation style (#2153, wgContLang=en, smwgLinksInValues=false)
  • p-0449.json Test in-text legacy := and :: annotation style with enabled LinksInValue (#2153, wgContLang=en, smwgLinksInValues=SMW_LINV_OBFU)
  • p-0451.json Test in-text _dat datatype, time zone, and JD output (#2454, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgDVFeatures=SMW_DV_TIMEV_CM)
  • p-0501.json Test #concept on predefined property (wgContLang=en, wgLang=es)
  • p-0502.json Test in-text annotation allows value list (#2295, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0701.json Test to create inverted annotation using a #ask/template combination (#711, import-annotation=true)
  • p-0702.json Test #ask with format=table on inverse property/printrquest (#1270, en)
  • p-0703.json Test #ask on format=table using different printrequest label output (#1270, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0704.json Test #ask sanitization of printrequest labels to avoid XSS injection (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0705.json Test #ask/ NS_FILE option (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, wgEnableUploads, wgFileExtensions, 'wgDefaultUserOptions')
  • p-0706.json Test #ask on format=template with message parse (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0901.json Test #ask on moved redirected subject (#1086)
  • p-0902.json Test #ask on failed queries to produce a _ERRC (#1297, en)
  • p-0903.json Test #ask on redirected printrequest (#1290, en)
  • p-0904.json Test #ask with subject redirected to different NS (en)
  • p-0905.json Test #ask query-in-query construct (_sobj/_dat/_num) (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0906.json Test #ask on category/property hierarchy with circular reference (#1713, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, 'smwgEnabledQueryDependencyLinksStore', skip virtuoso)
  • p-0907.json Test the QueryResult cache feature (#1251, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgQueryResultCacheType=true)
  • p-0908.json Test the QueryResult cache feature with different |+lang/|+order prinrequest parameters (#1251, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgQueryResultCacheType=true)
  • p-0909.json Test the description optimization (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgQueryResultCacheType=true, smwgQFilterDuplicates=true, smwgQueryProfiler)
  • p-0910.json Test #ask to highlight (#-hl) search token in result set (#..., wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0911.json Test the _ASK profile (#2270, smwgQueryProfiler, smwgQueryResultCacheType)
  • p-0912.json Test #ask with (#-ia) formatter using #set (#..., wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • p-0913.json Test #ask with (#-ia) formatter using smwgLinksInValues (#..., wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgLinksInValues=SMW_LINV_OBFU)
  • p-0914.json Test the description optimization on _ref_rec type with property chain query/sort (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, smwgQueryResultCacheType=true, smwgQFilterDuplicates=true, smwgQueryProfiler)
  • p-1000.json Test property page with redirect(synonym)/displayTitle (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en, wgAllowDisplayTitle)
  • p-1001.json Test property page with parameters (#2479, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)


  • q-0101.json Test _txt query for simple assignments, NS_HELP, and special chars
  • q-0102.json Test _txt for ~* regex queries to validate correct escape pattern as applied in the QueryEngine
  • q-0103.json Test _txt for ~* regex query with the condition to include the \ escape character (skip sqlite, postgres)
  • q-0104.json Test _txt/~ with enabled full-text search support (only enabled for MySQL, SQLite)
  • q-0105.json Test _wpg/~ with enabled full-text search support (only enabled for MySQL, SQLite, SMW_FT_WIKIPAGE)
  • q-0201.json Test _CONC queries (skip postgres, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0202.json Test _CONC for guarding against circular/self-reference which otherwise would fail with 'Maximum function nesting level ... reached, aborting' (#945, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0203.json Test _CONC to use CONCEPT_CACHE_ALL (#1050, skip postgres + all SPARQL repository)
  • q-0204.json Test _CONC on predefined inverse query and subobject inverse query (#1096, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0301.json Test _IMPO queries for imported foaf vocabulary (#891, en)
  • q-0401.json Test _SUBP on a simple 'family' subproperty hierarchy example query (#1003, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0402.json Test _SUBP to map DC imported vocabulary with MARC 21 bibliographic terms (#1003,
  • q-0501.json Test _qty queries for custom unit (km²/°C) property value assignments
  • q-0502.json Test _qty range queries using non strict comparators (smwStrictComparators=false)
  • q-0503.json Test _qty on positional unit preference in query condition (#1329, smwStrictComparators=false)
  • q-0601.json Test _wpg for property chain query queries
  • q-0602.json Test _wpg sort query with #subobject annotated content
  • q-0603.json Test _wpg queries for various conditions using #set annotated content
  • q-0604.json Test _wpg queries to resolve property/values redirects (#467, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0605.json Test _wpg regex search (!~/~*/~?) queries (#679)
  • q-0606.json Test _wpg/_num/_txt using subqueries (#466, #627, #625)
  • q-0607.json Test _wpg/_dat/_num/_txt subquery example
  • q-0608.json Test _wpg for single value approximate (~/!~) queries (#1246)
  • q-0609.json Test _wpg for single value approximate (~/!~) queries with conjunctive category hierarchy (#1246, en, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0610.json Test _wpg range queries (#1291, smwStrictComparators=false, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0611.json Test _wpg namespace any value queries (#1301, en)
  • q-0612.json Test _wpg object value that contains = (equals sign) (#640, #710, #1542, #1645, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • q-0613.json Test single value (~/!~/</>) queries on namespaced entity (#1652, NS_HELP, smwStrictComparators=false, skip-on virtuoso)
  • q-0701.json Test _uri with some annotation/search pattern (T45264, #679)
  • q-0702.json Test _uri with additional annotation/search (#1129)
  • q-0703.json Test to map Foaf property from back-end / using a localized predefined property A le type@fr (en)
  • q-0704.json Test _uri long URL (255+) (#1872)
  • q-0801.json Test _INST query (#1004, en)
  • q-0802.json Test _INST/_SUBC queries (#1005, en, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0803.json Test _INST/ Nested category annotation (#1012, en, skip virtuoso) category hierarchy queries
  • q-0901.json Test _wpg/_txt on various disjunction, conjunction queries (#19, #1060, #1056, #1057)
  • q-0902.json Test _txt to correctly apply parentheses for somehting like (a OR b OR c) AND d (#556)
  • q-0903.json Test _wpg/_num/_txt for disjunction OR || (T31866, #1059, en)
  • q-0904.json Test _wpg/_txt disjunction in connection with property hierarchies (#1060, en, skip virtuoso)
  • q-0905.json Test _wpg/_txt conjunction queries (#1362, #1060)
  • q-1002.json Test _dat range for non strict comparators (#285, smwStrictComparators=false, skip virtuoso)
  • q-1003.json Test _dat range for strict comparators (#285, smwStrictComparators=true, skip virtuoso)
  • q-1004.json Test _dat range for ~/!~ comparators (#1178, smwStrictComparators=false, skip virtuoso)
  • q-1101.json Test _rec for non strict comparators queries (smwStrictComparators=false)
  • q-1102.json Test _rec queries in combination with _dat ~/!~ search pattern (#1178, smwStrictComparators=false, skip virtuoso)
  • q-1103.json Test _rec using some additional search pattern (#1189, en)
  • q-1104.json Test _rec to find correct target for redirected property (#1244, en)
  • q-1105.json Test _rec in combination with named subobject (T49472, #1300, en, smwStrictComparators=false)
  • q-1106.json Test _rec with ~/!~ comparators on allowed values (#1207, smwStrictComparators=false)
  • q-1107.json Test _rec/_mlt_rec(_PDESC) to use property chaining (wgContLang=en)
  • q-1108.json Test conditions and constraint validations for allowed values _LIST and uniqueness _PVUC (#1207, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)


  • r-0001.json Test RDF output for _txt/_wpg/_dat (#881)
  • r-0002.json Test RDF output for redirected pages (#882)
  • r-0003.json Test RDF output for imported foaf vocabulary (#884, en)
  • r-0004.json Test RDF output generation for _INST/_SUBC pages (#922, en)
  • r-0005.json Test RDF wiki-info output (#928, en)
  • r-0006.json Test RDF output generation for pages that contain _rec annotations (#1285, #1275)
  • r-0007.json Test RDF output for imported dc/gna vocabulary, owl:AnnotationProperty, owl:DatatypeProperty, owl:ObjectProperty, Equivalent URI (#795, wgRestrictDisplayTitle, en)
  • r-0008.json Test RDF output generation on pages that contain incoming error annotations (wgContLang=en, wgLang=es, syntax=rdf/turtle)
  • r-0009.json Test RDF output generation that contain a monolingual text annotations _PDESC (wgContLang=en, wgLang=es, syntax=rdf/turtle)
  • r-0010.json Test RDF output on canonical entities (wgContLang=fr, wgLang=es, syntax=rdf/turtle)
  • r-0011.json Test RDF output generation skos import/skos:altLabel as Monolingual text (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • r-0012.json Test RDF output generation on SubSemanticData traversal (#2177, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • r-0013.json Test RDF output generation _uri/_ema/_tel with spaces/underscore (wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • r-0014.json Test RDF output generation on non-latin URI/IRI export (#2188, smwgExportResourcesAsIri=false, wgContLang=ru, wgLang=en)
  • r-0015.json Test RDF output generation on non-latin URI/IRI export (#2188, smwgExportResourcesAsIri=true, wgContLang=ru, wgLang=en)
  • r-0016.json Test RDF output generation with special characters (#2188, smwgExportResourcesAsIri=false, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • r-0017.json Test RDF output generation with special characters (#2188, smwgExportResourcesAsIri=true, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)
  • r-0018.json Test RDF output generation with special characters (smwgExportResourcesAsIri=true, wgContLang=en, wgLang=en)


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Designing an integration test

The JSONScript follows the arrange, act, assert approach, with the setup section containing object definitions that are planned to be used during a test. The section expects that an entity page and its contents (generally the page content in wikitext, annotations etc.) to follow a predefined structure.

It is also possible to import larger text passages or upload files for a test scenario.

When creating test scenarios, use disinct names and subjects to ensure that other tests will not interfer with the expected results. It may also be of advantage to split the setup of data (e.g. Example/Test/1) from the actual test subject (e.g. Example/Test/Q.1) to avoid conflicating comparisons or false positive results during the assertion process.

"setup": [
        "page": "Has text",
        "contents": "[[Has type::Text]]"
        "page": "Property:Has number",
        "contents": "[[Has type::Number]]"
        "page": "Example/Test/1",
        "contents": "[[Has text::Some text to search]]"
        "page": "Example/Test/Q.1",
        "contents": "{{#ask: [[Has text::~Some text*]] |?Has text }}"

Test assertions

  • The type provides specialized assertion methods with some of them requiring an extra setup to yield a comparable output but in most cases the parser type should suffice to create test assertions for common test scenarios. Available types are:
    • query, concept, and format
    • parser
    • parser-html
    • rdf
    • special
  • The about describes what the test is expected to test which may help during a failure to identify potential conflicts or hints on how to resolve an issue.
  • The subject refers to the page that was defined in the setup section.

For example, as of version 2 the parser type (ParserTestCaseProcessor) knows two assertions methods:

  • assert-store is to validate data against Store::getSemanticData
  • assert-output is to validate string comparison against the ParserOutput generated text

Type parser

The test result assertion provides simplified string comparison methods (mostly for output related assertion but expressive enough for users to understand the test objective and its expected results). For example, verifying that the parser does output a certain string, one has to the define an expected output.

"tests": [
        "type": "parser",
        "about": "#0 test output of the [[ ... ]] annotation",
        "subject": "Example/Test/1",
        "assert-output": {
            "to-contain": [
                "Some text to search"
            "not-contain": [
        "type": "parser",
        "about": "#1 test output of #ask query",
        "subject": "Example/Test/Q.1",
        "assert-output": {
            "to-contain": [
                "Some text to search"
            "not-contain": [

Type parser-html

To verify that the HTML code produced by the parser conforms to a certain structure the test type parser-html may be used. With this type the expected output structure may be specified as a CSS selector. The test will succeed if at least one element according to that selector is found in the output.


"tests": [
        "type": "parser-html",
        "about": "#0 Basic List format",
        "subject": "Example/0401",
        "assert-output": {
            "to-contain": [
                "p > a[ title='Bar' ] + a[ title='Baz' ] + a[ title='Foo' ] + a[ title='Quok' ]"

For further details and limitations on the CSS selectors see the [description of the Symfony CssSelector Component]( that is used for this test type.

It is also possible to require an exact number of occurences of HTML elements by providing an array instead of just a CSS selector string.


        "assert-output": {
            "to-contain": [
                [ "p > a", 4 ]

Finally the general well-formedness of the HTML can be tested, although this will not fail for recoverable errors (see the documentation on PHP's DOMDocument::loadHTML).


        "assert-output": {
            "to-be-valid-html": true,

Preparing the test environment

It can happen that an output is mixed with language dependent content (site vs. page content vs. user language) and therefore it is recommended to fix those settings for a test by adding something like:

"settings": {
    "wgContLang": "en",
    "wgLang": "en",
    "smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks": {
        "NS_MAIN": true,
        "SMW_NS_PROPERTY": true

By default not all settings parameter are enabled in JsonTestCaseScriptRunner::prepareTest and may need to be extended in case a specific test case requires additional customization.

Each json file requires a meta section with the version to correspond to the JsonTestCaseScriptRunner::getRequiredJsonTestCaseMinVersion while is-incomplete removes the file from the test plan if enabled.

The section also contains a debug flag and if enabled may output internal object state information that can be helpful during debugging.

"meta": {
    "version": "2",
    "is-incomplete": false,
    "debug": false

Skipping a test or mark as incomplete

Sometimes certain data can cause inconsistencies with an environment hence it is possible to skip those cases by adding:

    "skip-on": {
        "virtuoso": "Virtuoso 6.1 does not support BC/BCE dates"
    "page": "Example/P0413/11",
    "contents": "[[Has date::Jan 1 300 BC]]"
    "skip-on": {
        "hhvm-*": "HHVM (or SQLite) shows opposite B1000, B9",
        "mw-1.28<": "`numeric` collation only available with 1.28+"

Constraints that include hhvm-* will indicate to exclude all HHVM versions while mw-1.28< defines that any MW version lower than 1.28 is to be ignored.

It is also possible that an entire test scenario cannot be completed in a particular environment therefore it can be marked and skipped with:

"meta": {
    "skip-on": {
        "virtuoso": "Some info as to why it is skipped.",
        "sqlite": "...",
        "postgres": "..."
    "version": "2",
    "is-incomplete": false,
    "debug": false

If a test is incomplete for some reason, use the is-incomplete field to indicate the status which henceforth avoids a test execution.

File naming

The naming of a test file is arbitrary but it has been a good standard to indicate the type of tests run. s-0001.json would indicate that the test is mostly concerned with special pages while p-0001.json will handle with parser output assertions.

Debugging and running a test

Generally, tests are run together with the composer phpunit execution but it may not always be feasible especially when trying to debug or design a new test case.

There are two methods that can help restrict the execution during the design or debug phase:

  • Modify the JsonTestCaseScriptRunner::getAllowedTestCaseFiles to take an argument such as a file name ( e.g. s-0014.json) to restrict the execution of a test which is mostly done when running from an IDE editor
  • The command line allows to invoke a filter argument to specify a case such as composer phpunit tests/phpunit/Integration/JSONScript/JsonTestCaseScriptRunnerTest -- --filter 's-0014.json'
$  composer integration -- --filter 's-0014.json'
Using PHP 5.6.8
Semantic MediaWiki: 2.5.0-alpha (SMWSQLStore3, mysql)
MediaWiki:          1.28.0-alpha (MediaWiki vendor autoloader)
Site language:      en
Execution time:     2017-01-01 12:00
Debug logs:         Enabled
Xdebug:             Disabled (or not installed)
phpunit 4.8.24 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.
Runtime:        PHP 5.6.8
Configuration:  ....xml.dist
Time: 13.02 seconds, Memory: 34.00Mb
OK (1 test, 16 assertions)

A general introduction to the test environment can be found "here".

Technical notes

  • The JSON is internally transformed into a corresponding PHPUnit dataset with the help of the JsonTestCaseContentHandler and JsonTestCaseScriptRunner.
  • A test file (e.g "myTest.json") will be loaded from the specified location in JsonTestCaseScriptRunner::getTestCaseLocation and is automatically run during the PHPUnit test execution.
  • The readmeContentsBuilder.php can be used to update the list of available test cases including its descriptions.