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Solarium\Tests\QueryType\Select\Result\SelectDummy Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($status, $queryTime, $numfound, $maxscore, $docs, $components)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Solarium\QueryType\Select\Result\Result
 getStatus ()
 getQueryTime ()
 getNumFound ()
 getMaxScore ()
 getDocuments ()
 getIterator ()
 count ()
 getComponents ()
 getComponent ($key)
 getMoreLikeThis ()
 getHighlighting ()
 getGrouping ()
 getFacetSet ()
 getSpellcheck ()
 getStats ()
 getDebug ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Solarium\Core\Query\Result\Result
 __construct ($client, $query, $response)
 getResponse ()
 getQuery ()
 getData ()

Protected Attributes

 $parsed = true
- Protected Attributes inherited from Solarium\QueryType\Select\Result\Result
- Protected Attributes inherited from Solarium\Core\Query\Result\QueryType
 $parsed = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from Solarium\Core\Query\Result\Result

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Solarium\Core\Query\Result\QueryType
 parseResponse ()
 mapData ($mapData)

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