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Helper autocomplete for php redis extension

Max Kamashev string echo(string $string) Sends a string to Redis, which replies with the same string mixed eval($script, $args = array(), $numKeys = 0) Evaluate a LUA script serverside string $script array $args int $numKeys mixed What is returned depends on what the LUA script itself returns, which could be a scalar value (int/string), or an array. Arrays that are returned can also contain other arrays, if that's how it was set up in your LUA script. If there is an error executing the LUA script, the getLastError() function can tell you the message that came back from Redis (e.g. compile error). $redis->eval("return 1"); // Returns an integer: 1 $redis->eval("return {1,2,3}"); // Returns Array(1,2,3) $redis->del('mylist'); $redis->rpush('mylist','a'); $redis->rpush('mylist','b'); $redis->rpush('mylist','c'); // Nested response: Array(1,2,3,Array('a','b','c')); $redis->eval("return {1,2,3,'lrange','mylist',0,-1)}}"); /home/hwfunc/workspace/leonid/BlueSpiceDoc-composer/mediawiki-master/vendor/jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs/standard/Redis.php