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Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.1

Released on April 22, 2017.

New feature


  • #2356 as c781b02 Extended `smwgEnabledHttpDeferredJobRequest` to allows SMW_HTTP_DEFERRED_LAZY_JOB (#2356)
  • #2358 as 769ca88 Enforces "Property" and "Concept" canonical namespaces
  • #2367 as ec6d5c1 Added a more verbose error message for failed allows values
  • #2386 as cd31a79 Extended the contents importer to support the MediaWiki's XML format
  • #2387 as 6d11e5a Improved the display of Special:Browse in connection with mobile devices and the MobileFrontend extension
  • #2388 as 74afabe Ensured the content for the full-text search is in sync with the "SemanticData" primary data update
  • #2414 as 3e32ad3 Add support for the display of query references on a subobject
  • #2417 as 55b3d99 Add a more verbose error message to the "WikiPageValue"

Bug fixes and internal code changes

  • #2351 as 8a9b94d Fixed [ encoding in Highlighter to allows for some #info post-processing
  • #2353 as 2414cb8 Fixed "Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT" in Special:URIResolver
  • #2354 as 21ee86c Fixed a "Out of range value ..." in DB strict mode caused by the "PropertyStatisticsTable"
  • #2359 as ed5686a Fixed a "SubSemanticData::copyDataFrom ... null given" message
  • #2361 as 85b2386 Fixed EntityIdDisposerJob::dispose to use an int value
  • #2363 as bad1460 Fixed pre-process of title content in the Highlighter
  • #2365 as f5a30dd Added update marker to track and avoid having refreshLinksPrioritized (MW 1.29+) to issue store updates
  • #2373 as 8a37d42 Added detection of SMW off/on for annotations within system messages
  • #2374 as 6ddb4c6 Added detection of property max count to Special:PropertyLabelSimilarity
  • #2377 as 5d51d2c Fixed "Uncaught Error: Unknown dependency: jquery.ui.autocomplete" in Special:Browse when displayed by the MobileFrontend extension
  • #2385 as 727b825 Fixed display if unparsed error text in wikitext display
  • #2389 as b1800eb Fixed counting of links in ParserCachePurgeJob
  • #2393 as 013da5a Added PageUpdater::isHtmlCacheUpdate to disable HTMLCacheUpdateJob due to T154427
  • #2397 as 2af43cb Fixed SemanticData::getPropertyValues to always return an indexed array
  • #2405 as 982f1dc Fixed normalization of error messages in the API output
  • #2406 as 7d4a0f5 Fixed duplicate detection for sort conditions in prop.chain notations in connection with `$smwgQFilterDuplicates`
  • #2410 as d2cb5b7 Fixed the appearance of an index parameter in the further results link in connection with the +|lang printout parameter
  • #2412 as d6aca45 Fixed order of parameters in Special:Ask on the event of a further results link that contains +|... parameters
  • #2413 as d017a15 Fixed ID creation of temporary queries in UniquenessConstraintValueValidator when a uniqueness constraint isn't cached
  • #2415 as 88e8884 Fixed URI value encoding for the `External identifier` type