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BlueSpice\Data\Watchlist\Schema Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BlueSpice\Data\Schema
 getUnsortableFields ()
 getUnfilterableFields ()
 getSortableFields ()
 getFilterableFields ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArrayObject
 __construct ($input=null, $flags=0, $iterator_class="ArrayIterator")
 offsetExists ($index)
 offsetGet ($index)
 offsetSet ($index, $newval)
 offsetUnset ($index)
 append ($value)
 getArrayCopy ()
 count ()
 getFlags ()
 setFlags ($flags)
 asort ()
 ksort ()
 uasort ($cmp_function)
 uksort ($cmp_function)
 natsort ()
 natcasesort ()
 unserialize ($serialized)
 serialize ()
 getIterator ()
 exchangeArray ($input)
 setIteratorClass ($iterator_class)
 getIteratorClass ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BlueSpice\Data\Schema
const FILTERABLE = 'filterable'
const SORTABLE = 'sortable'
const TYPE = 'type'
- Public Attributes inherited from ArrayObject
const STD_PROP_LIST = 1
const ARRAY_AS_PROPS = 2
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BlueSpice\Data\Schema
 filterFields ($key, $value)
 filterEntries ($key, $value)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BlueSpice\Data\Watchlist\Schema::__construct ( )

Creating a link is expensive and the result is not filterable by standard filters. Still they are important as hooks may modify their content (e.g. by providing data attributes or other) and they can contain additional information (e.g. redlink). Therefore links always get created after filtering and paging!

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